Is dental composite better or ceramic laminate?

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Is dental composite better or ceramic laminate?

Dental composite or ceramic laminate : how to choose

Who is more suitable for laminate treatment? 

Almost everyone! People over 18 years old can get laminate veneer treatment. However, prior approval of those who suffer from extensive grinding or clenching and those who crack things with their teeth (having the habit of harming their own teeth) would be necessary. There is no 18 year age limit in the treatment of broken tooth occurred due to falling, down, hits and injuries among school children. It can be applied to children under 18. Your dentist will be person who would make the right call.

Who is more suitable for composite treatment?

most people are suitable for composite bonding. Especially if you have healthy natural teeth. for knowing this your dentist will need to assess your mouth fully to determine whether you are a fit for the treatment or whether something else might be more appropriate.

Is dental composite better or ceramic laminate?

to answer this question, we might have to take a quick look of their differences and similarities:

Both methods are based on the use of materials to improve the appearance of the teeth (color, shape, etc.)

Ceramic laminates are usually less resistant than the composite and are more fragile

Ceramic laminates often give higher appearance satisfaction because they are more natural and delicate

Yellow teeth can be returned in composite laminates more than ceramic laminates

Composite veneers are quicker and easier to install even in a one to two-hour session

Laminate veneer require several treatment sessions, including molding, sending mold to the laboratory, rechecking, and more.

Composite veneer require periodic polishing and modification

Laminate veneers require less de-icing or polishing if maintained properly

In both procedures, the dentist should correct the defects of the teeth before applying the coating, for example, filling, dentures, massaging or even orthodontics.

we have to say that there are some differences between the mentioned veneer. but to choice the best treating method go to the dentist and have your teeth examined. the doctor can help you to make the right choice.

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