What are the benefits of combining breast augmentation and a breast lift?

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What are the benefits of combining breast augmentation and a breast lift?

Breast augmentations and breast lifts are two popular cosmetic surgical procedures which can be regularly finished together to offer sufferers with comprehensive breast enhancement effects. to maximise the benefits of breast augmentation, it can be an awesome concept for the right patient to mix it with a breast lift.

A breast augmentation includes setting breast implants to boom breast length and improve breast form, while a breast raise includes reshaping and lifting sagging breasts to a more younger role. Combining both tactics offers severa benefits to sufferers, which includes stepped forward breast extent, more advantageous breast shape and elevated self belief. In fact, that is a splendid manner to get the maximum out of surgical operation for certain patients.

Improved breast volume

one of the maximum extensive benefits of mixing augmentation with a lift is progressed breast quantity. As girls age, their breasts can lose quantity and shape due to factors consisting of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and growing older.

Breast augmentation can repair breast volume through the insertion of breast implants, at the same time as a breast carry can reshape and reposition the existing breast tissue. The aggregate of each techniques can bring about fuller, more youthful-searching breasts which have a extra natural appearance.

Enhanced breast shape

Breast augmentation by myself can enhance breast size, however it does no longer deal with issues consisting of sagging, choppy breast role or stretched-out nipples. A breast elevate, alternatively, can address these problems by using disposing of extra pores and skin and tightening the breast tissue while also repositioning the nipple and areola.

a boost performed on its very own may not appreciably modify the size of the breasts, but augmentation on its own isn’t always sufficient to address sagging breasts. through combining breast augmentation with a breast carry, patients can gain the high-quality of each worlds – an progressed breast form with improved fullness and perkiness.

one of the benefits of mixing those surgeries is that because the breast carry will pass the breasts to a higher function and correct their form, patients might not want to have as lots volume introduced to their implants. the appearance of the breasts will appearance a great deal better in widespread in comparison to having either surgical treatment on its own, as the breasts are lifted and enlarged at the same time.

Increased confidence

Breast augmentation with a breast lift can also boost patients’ confidence in their appearance. Women who feel self-conscious about sagging, asymmetrical or small breasts can benefit from the combination of both procedures.

The improved breast size and shape can give patients a more proportionate and attractive figure, which can boost their self-esteem and improve their quality of life.

Less time spent on planning and recovery

Another advantage of combining breast augmentation with a breast lift is that sufferers can revel in a shorter healing time compared to having each manner completed one by one. Combining each procedures approach that sufferers simplest ought to go through one surgical procedure and one healing length, decreasing the time and fee related to a couple of surgeries.


Patients with pre-present implants won’t have needed to get a breast elevate at the time of their unique breast augmentation surgical procedure, however they may decide to have one later in lifestyles. In many cases, a breast lift may be performed later in case you’ve already had breast implants. This will be feasible, as long as the breast implants are nevertheless in correct form – but in some cases, we may additionally advocate that the patient has a breast implant replacement mixed with their breast carry.

The takeaway

Combining breast augmentation with a breast elevate offers severa advantages to sufferers. The procedure can improve breast extent, enhance breast form, growth self belief and decrease downtime.

if you are thinking about breast enhancement surgery, seek advice from a board-licensed plastic health practitioner to determine if combining breast augmentation with a breast elevate is proper for you.

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