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When is facelift surgery performed with neck lift surgery

When is facelift surgery performed with neck lift surgery?

Most neck lift surgery is coupled with a facelift that particularly focuses on the lower face, to ensure seamless aesthetic and functional results. Facelift surgery is often performed on its own in patients who are in their 40’s and 50’s, but if a patient is having their first facelift in their 60’s, your doctor may recommend a neck lift as well, as this area will be demonstrating advanced signs of ageing.

By eliminating loose, sagging facial skin and repositioning underlying support structures, facelift surgery can create a ‘lifted’ effect that significantly reduces the visible signs of ageing like no other treatment or procedure can. When combined with neck lift, a facelift can compliment the reversal of visible signs of ageing on the neck as well – including sagging skin,  loss of definition in the undercroft of the chin, neck wrinkles and thick bands.

What other procedures are commonly performed alongside a neck lift?

Rejuvenation procedures that are routinely performed in conjunction with a neck lift include:

fat transfer


genionplasty (chin implant surgery to create chin projection where a deficit exists)

 lips and cheek enhancement or eyelid surgery, to rejuvenate ageing or excess skin above the eyes.

Considerations & goals with neck liposuction:

Improves the appearance of a “double chin” or fullness underneath the chin

Refines the jawline to enhance the chin or bring balance to facial features

Patients with good skin tone will typically see the best results

Can be combined with chin augmentation or rhinoplasty to further enhance facial contours

Results are permanent so long as a patient maintains a stable weight

Recovery From a Neck Lift

Recovering from a neck lift takes time. Most people can return to work in 10 to 14 days.If you participate in sports or are physically active, you will have to wait three weeks or more to resume those activities. Give yourself time to heal to get the most benefit from the procedure.

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