Who Is a Good Candidate For a Chemical Peel?

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Who Is a Good Candidate For a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels makes you look younger

A peel is simply a chemical solution that we apply to your skin to peel away portions of the outer layer to foster the development of new skin tissue displaying fewer imperfections.this can makes your skin look younger. The best type of peel for you and your needs can be determined at your initial consultation.

Who Is a Good Candidate For a Chemical Peel?

Do you feel like your facial skin is making you look older than you actually are? If you are unhappy with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars on your skin. A chemical peel can improve the appearance of your skin, leaving you with smoother, less wrinkled skin by the end of the treatment cycle.

Anyone who faces skin related ailments can undergo the Chemical Peels treatment.
Generally, fair-skinned and light-haired patients are better candidates for chemical peels. If you have darker skin, you may also have good results, depending upon the type of problem being treated.

There are a number of reasons people may get chemical peels including to look younger. If you are bothered by any of these skin issues, you may be a good candidate for a chemical peel.

• wrinkles and fine lines
• sun damage
• acne scars
• hyperpigmentation
• scars
• melasma
• uneven skin tone or redness

A chemical peel is generally safe and effective in rejuvenating the skin. In the hands of an experienced dermatologist, side effects are usually mild and easy to manage. Normal side effects include redness and swelling in the affected area, temporary darkening of the skin, and mild crusting and scarring. Serious side effects are rare.

If you feel that you would benefit from a treatment with one of our chemical peels, be sure to reach out and make an appointment with SurgIran, we will be pleased to explain your options in full and answer any questions you may have.