why do pepole get plastic surgery?

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why do pepole get plastic surgery?

why do people get plastic surgery? 

Why people opt for cosmetic and plastic surgery can have many different reasons, for example, according to a research in Europe and America 20% of people who seek these kinds of surgeries is because to satisfy their obsessions and anxiety. .

The study also found that 70% of cosmetic surgery results from narcissistic traits found in people, and only 10% of people seek to repair injuries and repair abnormal conditions in their bodies.


The effect of cosmetic surgery on self-esteem


Many people believe that by restoring and improving their appearance, they gain more confidence and that is why it is one of the important and effective factors in increasing the number of cosmetic surgeries.

But keep in mind that beauty is not always about enhancing self-esteem because self-esteem is the result of feeling good about your personality, intelligence, and outward attraction. And cosmetic surgery only makes it look just the way you like it and has no effect on the other parameters mentioned.

Also, one of the features of a beautiful act is that it can make women addicted to having to put themselves under a surgeon’s knife, which means that the only way to value your personality is to look beautiful.


Statistics of beauty practice in the world


plastic surgery statistics report:


US (over 4 million cosmetic surgeries)

Brazil (more than 2 million cosmetic surgeries)

Japan (more than 1 million cosmetic surgeries)

South Korea (980,000 cosmetic surgeries)

Mexico (700,000 cosmetic surgeries)

Germany (500,000 cosmetic surgeries)

France (400,000 cosmetic surgeries)

Colombia (300,000 cosmetic surgeries)

Among the most popular cosmetic practices in different countries include:

Eyelid surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Fat Transplant Surgery

nose surgery

Most cosmetic surgeries:


Fat Injection

hair laser 

In this ranking, Iran ranks 20th in the list of top 30 countries and most cosmetic surgeries include nasal surgery, liposuction and injection.

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